Saturday, January 16, 2010

La Papa

I have to admit that this time of year does not inspire me. Between the gray days and the icy temperatures, I just want to curl up inside with some comfort food and a big blanket. However, as soon as I saw this post on La Papa in Time Out, I was on the next train to Astoria.

La Papa's signature is the kumpir - a street food that was one of the foodie highlights of my trip to Istanbul last summer. It's a baked potato that's mashed with Kasseri cheese and butter, then piled high with some unexpected toppings. This one is the "classic" with sliced beef franks, Russian salad (like potato salad with peas), pickles, green olives, corn and more cheese.

This is the version I had in Istanbul.

La Papa also has several other offerings on the menu, including this Turkish style hot dog with tomato sauce, Russian salad and pickles on a buttery toasted bread. Originally I went for the potatoes, but I'll be back for this dog...

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  1. i love hot dogs. and i love most of the stuff you put on here but i think i'd have to pass on the kumpir =]