Saturday, August 18, 2012

Redd Wood

Redd Wood in Yountville has great food and a great interior. The shaved summer vegetable salad was colorful and fresh in an herbed green goddess dressing.

Roasted corn soup was thick, creamy and drizzled with olive oil.

The spagettini carbonara was rich with spinach, mushrooms, artichoke and pancetta.
A light and citrusy side of seasonal grilled summer squash.

The ricotta pizza was perfectly thin with a crunchy crust and loaded with white corn, bacon, onion, pecorino, basil and chili flakes for a little spice.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

French Blue

The outdoor patio at French Blue is a great place for dinner in the summer, starting with crunchy fried olives with a toasted almond romesco.

The chicken liver mousse was rich and creamy with pickled shallots, greens and candied pistachios on crostini.

Wood baked lamb meatballs are fantastic served with a spicy sauce, crumbled feta and crunchy, buttery bread.

Farmer Omar's Salad is full of fresh veggies from the local market and is delicious in a celery seed vinaigrette.

The parkerhouse roll comes sprinkled with sea salt and dripping with butter. 

The smoked chicken has a great skin and is served on a fresh salad with beans and croutons.

Friday, August 10, 2012

French Blue, Breakfast

Breakfast at French Blue is a fun affair. I loved the blueberry pancake, which is more like a blueberry muffin in a pan, with rhubarb maple syrup and a petite french omelet.

The baked eggs are served with polenta, spicy chorizo and swiss chard.

The other baked egg dish is with tomatillo sauce, fried plantains, and rancho gordo beans. The buttermilk biscuit is a perfect add-on with indulgently rich brown sugar butter.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dark chocolate cherry scones

Dark chocolate cherry scones with cherry glaze, greek yogurt and plum salad, adapted from How Sweet It Is.