Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mission Chinese Food

Mission Chinese Food looks like any regular Chinese food restaurant, but the dishes are on another level. With so many very spicy dishes, the smashed cucumbers in garlic sauce with coriander and sesame paste are good have around in between bites.

Thrice cooked bacon with tofu skin, chili oil, bitter melon, rice cake, scallion and black bean.

The Ma Po Tofu is so delicious - a rich, hearty and meaty stew with pork shoulder and broadbean paste.

Super hot Kung Pao Pastrami with celery, peppers, potato and peanuts.

Monday, November 26, 2012

State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions is a new take on dim sum - fresh seasonal dishes that can be selected from a cart, on a tray from passing servers and ordered from a menu. Oysters with chili oil.

A quinoa salad with tuna crudo in the background; tortilla chips with ceviche over creamy whipped avocado.

Amazing veal meatballs in red sauce.

 Pork belly with tofu and kimchi.

Baked quail eggs with sunchokes and ravigote sauce.

The most amazing garlic bread ever - a huge, doughy roll topped with burrata, olive oil and pepper.

Light and fluffy Japanese cheesecake with huckleberries; chocolate-gingersnap pudding with coconut crunch for dessert.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dobbs Ferry

The ultimate combination of savory & sweet brunch at Dobbs Ferry: sunny side up eggs, crispy fried chicken, bacon, waffles and sausage gravy.