Thursday, December 22, 2011


Tickets, the tapas bar opened by the Adria brothers in Barcelona after the closing of El Bulli, is a fun, over-the-top theatrical dinner production, with the inventive food as the star.

With more inventive things to come, an intro of iberico jamon and perfectly crunchy pan con tomate was a simple start.

The famous non-olive olives: they look like olives, taste like olives, but deflate entirely upon entering your mouth, with pickled mini mussels.

Fish rinds, like really good pork rinds but fishy.

Paper-thin slices of tuna belly painted with iberican jamon fat and pine nuts.

Cloud-like pastries with manchego cheese.

A quail eggs "nest" with each egg coated in cheesy breadcrumbs.

Oysters with chicken juice and lime seeds.

Galician crab cannelloni with avocado as the shell, with sour cream.

Prawns in a box.

Tuna belly and roasted vegetables.

Clams in green sauce.

Razor clams with ginger sauce, cayenne pepper and lemon foam.

Beautiful bundles of squid with caviar.

The fun cooked mushrooms that arrive in a pouch.

Fried rabbit ribs...mmmm.

Chocolate cake with hazelnut spread and ultra cute mini strawberries.

Cheesecake and sorbet reversed - the sorbet is the yellow globe and the cheesecake the creamy white scoop.

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