Friday, December 23, 2011


If you're going to Barcelona, go to Monvinic. The space is gorgeous, the cutlery brass, the food amazing. Amuse bouche of avocado gazpacho with crispy fish.

Truffled foie gras terrine with flowers.

Pumpkin soup with pumpkin crisps with chunks of pumpkin.

The lightest, most airy fried fish balls.

Cabbage stuffed with vegetables resembling the texture of ground beef in consomme.

The single best thing I ate: royal style hare. A 3-day preparation involving sous-vide, pancetta, foie gras, white truffles, blood sauce, and more white truffles resulting in the richest, most compact, concentration of meat.

Market fish with veggies.

Suckling goat with beans.

Grilled rockfish - the same fish the girl stepped on in The Blue Lagoon.

Pasta with mushrooms.

Veal with mushrooms and potato cake.

Lovely mango sorbet.
Chocolate mousse, with slices of chocolate, and chocolate crumbs.

A cloud of coconut goodness.

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