Saturday, April 10, 2010

Greenpoint Food Market

If you want to go to the Greenpoint Food Market, my advice is to get there early. Really early - like when it opens. When I arrived at 2 (it opened at 12) the highly anticipated pork buns from Red Cook were gone, but there was still plenty of other delectable treats to try like this amazing brown sugar peanut butter ice cream swirled with chunks of caramel from Milkmade Ice Cream.

I also loved these chocolate marshmallow bars from Molly's Chocolates. They're dangerously decadent, and they have frosting.

Sandwich Friend offered four half or whole sandwiches: black forest ham with peach chutney; avocado, apple and spinach with cilantro-parsley relish; tuna with olives, tomatoes and artichoke hearts; and the deconstructed egg salad with eggs, potatoes and dill.

The amazing bacon marmalade. What is it? It reminds me of rillette with bacon and secret spices.

Yummy spicy beef empanadas from La Tia Faby.

Gorgeously frosted lavender shortbread cookies from Sugarbuilt.

The sea salt dark chocolate caramels from Token Confections are super creamy and smooth.

I loved the take on a peanut butter cookie from Bullfrog Eats, with a dollop of jelly in the center.

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