Saturday, March 27, 2010


Since the closing of Civetta around the corner from my apartment, I've been counting the days until the new project, Kenmare, opened in its place. It's a great update, and after starting with two fun cocktails - the Alaskan sour with gin, yellow chartreuse, lime and egg white, and the American beauty with whiskey, black berries, raspberries, orange juice and agave nectar we started with the deliciously rich basil gnocchi appetizer with pecorino in a short rib ragu.

The asparagus gratin appetizer was also great - creamy and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs.

The scallops, perfectly cooked, charred and seasoned came in a balsamic sauce with a spinach strawberry salad.

The halibut was also perfectly cooked with a great crispy layer on top over a bed of chive mashed stroganoff.

The entrees were good, but it's the appetizers I'll be going back for - they were the highlights and I can't wait to try the rest.

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