Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secret supper club

This week, I went to a super-secret supper club in Queens after being handed their card by an in-the-know foodie friend. The hush-hush nature of it makes it all the more exciting, but it's the incredible food that makes the experience shine. This dinner started off with jars of pickled vegetables - pickles, white carrots, beans and more, some spicy, some sour.

Then came the appetizer of creamy deviled eggs with an oyster cocktail in a shot glass garnished with crunchy veggies.

Next up was a deliciously crispy fried chicken liver with a tangy sauce, vivid collard greens, and a slice of watermelon.

The main course was this generously sized pulled pork slider topped with coleslaw and vinegar sauce, with a side of light and fluffy potato salad and...

...this strong and nicely refreshing mint julep garnished with celery.

Dessert was a creamy peach sundae with salted bourbon caramel sauce and sides of whipped cream, buttermilk ice cream and a chewy, crunchy cookie.

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