Sunday, July 25, 2010

Restaurant Week: Shang

Being a huge fan of Top Chef, I was really excited to try Susur Lee's Shang during Restaurant Week. We started with the Singapore slaw, a tower of crunchy strings of vegetables in a salted plum dressing. The lightness and flavor of this dish was an excellent start.

Next was the calamari in a light, crunchy and salty beer batter with a spicy habanero sauce.

The entrees were delicious - the Top Chef chicken is a coconut curried chicken with mint chutney, tomato jam, chunks of pineapple and cashews with mashed potatoes. The skirt steak came in a sweet sauce over Hainanese rice with arugula relish to balance the sauce.

Dessert was a rich and flavorful mango panna cotta in an Asian pear, mango and basil broth, topped with a creamy chocolate mouse and a crunchy sesame cookie. A tasty and completely satisfying dessert.

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