Friday, November 5, 2010

Hester Street Fair: season's close

Halloween was the last day of the Hester Street Fair for the season, and they ended on a high note with some great food vendors. We started with a fish-shaped taiyaki (Japanese pancake) stuffed with sausage and cheese from the Rook.

The smoked short rib and pork shoulder chili with hominy from Char No. 4 was great - I loved the soft, potato-like texture of the cooked hominy. They also had a great side of bourbon spiced peanuts that had a little kick.

On to the desserts: the fried pumpkin pie coated in sugar from Melt Bakery was heaven and I was thrilled to try one after they ran out at the Grubstreet Food Fest.

Wink & Flip made a great pumpkin cookie with icing that had the dense, moist texture of a scone.

They also had a tree of mini pumpkin cheesecakes.

Scratchbread had an interesting take on the sticky bun in their chai sticky roll.

They also made a decadent, cocoa-ey buttercream brownie.

Macaron Parlour has some really great flavors - Thai chili with peanuts and honey; candied bacon with maple cream cheese; s'mores; and pumpkin pie.

Cups of spiced apple cider and spicy hot chocolate (with a gorgeous square marshmallow) from La Newyorkina were a perfect ending.

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