Saturday, May 14, 2011


Morimoto feels more meatpacking district than Napa valley, but the food is incredible and I’d be happy to have it in the city! It was a cool day, and a start of chicken ramen in a rich, meaty broth with perfectly tender noodles was great to warm up with.

The foie gras balls were unexpected and amazing – small, rich croquettes that reminded me of a decadent version of thanksgiving stuffing.

Slices of yellowtail with pastrami spices were unbelievably and flew off my plate. The purple beet powder, candied olives, gin crème fraiche, and breadsticks were perfect compliments.

The tempura soft shell crab rolls were beautiful with asparagus, avocado and spicy sauce.

I was expecting little dumplings when I ordered the pork gyoza; they arrived covered in a thin, crispy skin with bacon foam, tomato chutney and scallions.

I couldn’t help but order the beef curry bread – a panko breaded and fried ball of beef in sweet Japanese curry.

The fried rice came with a beautifully runny egg on top and was a great additional to the rest of the plates.

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