Friday, May 20, 2011


Bottega in Yountville, California, has a lovely outdoor deck and surrounded by flowers and the mountains in the distance it makes for a perfect, and surprisingly light (for Italian) dinner. We started with the roasted baby golden and chiogga beets with Point Reyes blue cheese spuma and pistachio vinaigrette.

The shaved artichoke was filled with amazing chunks of lemon olive oil braised artichoke, fried artichokes and parmigiano reggiano.

A shaved brussel sprout salad was a study in simplicity with only five ingredients including marcona almonds, sieved egg and pecorino. So light and fresh.

The green egg and ham was delicious and beautiful with a crispy fried egg with a runny center over olive oil poached asparagus and prosciutto bits.

The black pepper bucatini alla carbonara had a soft cooked hen egg over thick noodles and shaves asparagus in a creamy sauce.

The linguini bolognese had a rich, meaty sauce with veal, pork, rosemary and a porcini mushroom sugo.

The whole fish was roasted in a wood oven with meyer lemon, coal cooked fennel and roasted asparagus.

Finally, the grass fed lamb was tender and had amazing compliments of honey roasted pears, tarragon dressing and thick, creamy polenta.

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