Sunday, January 16, 2011

Colicchio & Sons

Dinner at Colicchio & Sons in the main dining room is an amazing fine dining experience, starting with Tom's buns, delicious rolls that shine from a butter and salt brushing.

The pastrami cured hamachi appetizer was my favorite part of the meal - perfectly sized pieces of tuna with think slices of proscuitto, a chunk of crispy bacon and caviar. Amazing!

The pork belly with pepper jam and dandelion greens was heavenly and the pork rind added crunch.

The cod was perfect, with a crunchy skin and delicate white meat; it was served with cabbage, pumpkin and chestnuts.

The lamb cooked in two ways was rich - especially the medallion wrapped in skin; the black eyed peas and tiny honshimeji mushrooms were nice on the side.

To finish, we had a decadent chocolate tart with passsion fruit and sweet milk sorbets and hazelnut brittle.

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