Friday, June 18, 2010


Two words: lardo pizza. At the hot spot Beretta in the Mission district of San Francisco, I met the ultimate pizza: a thin crust with nothing but olive oil, sea salt and slices of delicious pork fat.

The gnocchi appetizer was in a rich tomato sauce and topped with basil and mozzarella.

The cauliflower was breaded with capers and sage.

The chicken liver crostini, despite looking like cat food was rich and delectable. We also tried the fava bean bruschetta.

Another incredible pizza topped with spicy salami, coppa and pecorino - this was a close second to the lardo pie.

The prosciutto pizza with arugula was surprisingly light and had a fresh, straight-from the garden feel.

The Italian sausage with panna and onions was a creamy balance to the other pies.

Desserts were incredible - this chocolate gelato was super creamy and topped with amaretto and caramel.

The panna gelato with olive oil and sea salt blew everyone away - and the crispy butter cookie was the perfect compliment.

The strawberry tart was sweet and fresh with a scoop of mascarpone.

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