Friday, February 5, 2010

Village Tart

I'm so happy the the Village Tart opened literally next door to my apartment. It's all I can do not to stop by every day for fabulous bites from Lesly Bernard and consulting chef Pichet Ong.

The perfectly flaky, buttery croissant is elevated with a sprinkle of sea salt flakes and makes a great breakfast.

But so does the mini size bacon scallion quiche, with a very high crust-to-quiche ratio and big chunks of bacon.

Given my love for all things pumpkin, I was drawn to the pumpkin, asparagus and ricotta pizza. I could eat this every day.

The alfajores are incredible - the best I've had outside of Buenos Aires. The cookie is thin, slightly moist, buttery and filled with a delicate and creamy dulce de leche.

There are several cupcake flavors with Pichet Ong's touch - I tried the stracciatella (chocolate chip) and it was super dense, filled with a creamy center and topped with chocolate chip frosting.

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