Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Xie Xie

Xie Xie is a hip little sandwich shop with a great soundtrack in hell's kitchen offering some amazing Asian sandwiches.

The Vietnamese inspired Fish Chaca La Vong sandwich is made with on a crispy baguette filled with marinated tilapia, a sweet onion jam and lots of dill and was perfect with a touch of siracha. I loved the sweetness of the onions with the intense dill flavor.

Egg salad is one of my favorite things, and the smoked egg salad on a shredded braised chicken sandwich was creamy and an excellent pair with the chicken.
They also offer a great beverage selection with a few half bottles of wine and a canned champagne (ok, California sparkling wine) that I couldn't resist.

Dessert was a "1000 year old" ice cream sandwich, with crispy wafer thin chocolate cookies and ice cream filled with an inky black caramel made from a carefully crafted recipe to get just the right balance of charred and sweet flavors.
This food was incredible and I can't wait for the St. Marks location to open closer to my 'hood!

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