Sunday, November 13, 2011


Coppelia is great for brunch; for dinner I could eat there all the time for dishes like their mac and cheese. It's spicy and has crispy pork belly and chicharron mixed in.

The fish tacos are also really nice with soft tortilla, crispy flounder, spicy chipotle slaw and guacamole.

As good as the savory part of the menu is, it's the desserts that really shine. The chocolate cake is rich, dense and is layered with dulce de leche frosting, covered in caramel, topped with chocolate spheres and served with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.

Even better is the torrejas de oliva, a bread pudding served with blackberries, fresh cream, a couple dabs of olive oil and a crunchy/salty bread crumb mix.

My favorite was the angel food cake in a margarita glaze - toasted meringue with hints of lime and salt and an effervescent texture, served with blueberries - amazing.

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