Sunday, April 3, 2011

Torrisi Italian Specialties

Dinner at Torrisi Italian Specialties is a fantastic experience, beginning with their incredible house-made mozzarella served in a bowl of Davero olive oil with milk thistle and a crunchy piece of bruschetta with cheese.

The next course of the nightly dinner menu was cucumbers New Yorkese - thinly sliced cucumbers with garlic at 3 stages of pickling.

Next up was a grilled squid salad with corona beans, celery and a pepperoni vinaigrette.

The tripe cacciatore was a play on a traditional preparation - battered and fried.

The goat ricotta gnocchi with cauliflower and pine nuts was unbelievably creamy and delicate. I could have eaten an entire bowl.

The amazing devil's chicken had a great spice tempered by a yogurt sauce, topped with frisee.

The light and flaky striped bass fillet was topped with olives on a bed of pickled green tomatoes.

Adorable cups of lemon ice arrived as a palette cleanser before the assorted Italian cookie plate for dessert.

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