Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House and Hands Supper Club

I was so excited to attend the inaugural dinner of House and Hands Supper Club this past weekend, Lucky You, Lucky Me. Inspired by upcoming St Patrick's Day, dinner was a loose interpretation of Irish-American flavors in lovely, intimate setting.

We started with the perfectly cooked mussels that were fresh, meaty, and steamed with the just the right amount of butter and garlic and crunchy toast.

The main course was an amazing, thickly cut, house-seasoned corned beef that was juicy and fragrant, served with cabbage, potatoes and carrots - I wanted to eat the whole tray.

Dessert began with a beautifully flaming Irish twist on a root beer float - O'hara's Stout over vanilla Haagen Dazs topped with a strawberry.

The night ended with these delicious chocolates from Sweets by MaryAnne, a disk of smooth dark chocolate filled with a Bailey's coffee creme.

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  1. Who wouldn't love all things "Sweets by MaryAnne!"