Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rioja Week

I've been a huge fan of Yerba Buena since it opened, but I only recently had a chance to check out their sister restaurant in the west village, Yerba Buena Perry. Since YBP was one of the restaurants participating in Rioja Restaurant Week, it was the perfect opportunity to stop by the more spacious new location and try 2 Rioja pairings with an appetizer for $12. I tried the rose (Muga) and red (Muriel) and my friend had the white (Muga) and rose; we both shared delicious coffee-glazed pork belly arepas and a tuna ceviche with pickled watermelon & soy-jalapeno dressing.

We moved away from Rioja and tried a rich Bordello and a big, fruity Malbec with the rest of dinner - crunchy manchego croquettes with salsa verde; refined hamachi taquitos with pineapple and habenero salso; and spinach, manchego and corn empanadas. Unfortunately our dessert, the tres leches parfait, would have been great except for the cake layer. All in all, this location seems as solid as the original.

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  1. Mmm, the croquettes. Where are you taking me next??

    xx, M